Kia Ora, Hello and Welcome to the 10Science7 page on the Whangarei Girls' High School Physics Wiki
There are two purposes for this page:
Firstly, to provide a handy place for links to useful and/or interesting sites.
Secondly, to provide a place where the lesson plans, lesson notes and other handy files can be stored and accessed online. This could be handy for reference, review or for people who are not able to attend classes right now because they are away from school for sickness or field trips.


Sofie Sands-Kennedy took this terrific shot of a neutralisation reaction JUST as the base neutralised all the acid. She has kindly let me use it. Thank you Sofie!

zSofieSands 01.jpeg


There are some great youtube clips and other links that are really worth looking at. Here is a small selection of the many that fit our course.
Ionic Bonding vid (3min 23 sec)
The periodic table song
The elements song
Electrical Circuit Simulator
A copy of the pH scale - in colour
A video on how our lungs work
A video on how our blood circulates around our bodies
The Moving Man simulation - good for "playing"
Some handy notes from the BBC on what speeds up reactions and WHY

THE THIRD PART - Non Lesson Files

THE FOURTH PART - Lesson plans and notes
The lesson plans and notes are available via a code. The code is not very secret.
"10Sci7 Y15 M02 D04.pptx" means:
10Sci7 - the lesson plan and notes for this class
Y15 - the year: 2015
M02 - the second month, i.e. February
D04 - the 4th day of the month, i.e the 4th of February, 2015
pptx - this means that the file is a PowerPoint and you will need this software on your computer to open and look at it.

THE FIFTH PART - Mini youtube tutorials
Here are some little tutorials that you can use to revisit an idea or skill.
How to find the speed if you know the distance and the time
Energy: types and changes for a bicycle
Velocity-Time graphs for Awhina and Beverley

I hope you find this page useful. Please send me an email and let me know if you liked it, disliked it or would like to see some changes and/or additions and/or deletions. I value your thoughts.

Cheers and thanks

Haggis Henderson
Physics and Science Teacher
Whangarei Girls' High School

Thursday the 5th of November at 1050 hrs