Kia Ora, Hello and Welcome to the 9Kea page on the Whangarei Girls' High School Physics Wiki
There are two main purposes for this page:
Firstly, to provide a handy place for links to useful and/or interesting sites.
Secondly, to provide a place where the lesson plans, lesson notes, photographs and other handy files can be stored and accessed online. This could be handy for reference, review or for people who are not able to attend classes right now because they are away from school for sickness or field trips.

Photosynthesis from Pathfinder Science A page 20.jpg
The lovely summary of Photosynthesis from Pathfinder Science, Book A (page 20)

There are some great youtube clips and other links that are really worth another look. I have posted links to them here:
Plants that spread seeds using the wind
Plants that spread seeds as internal hitch-hikers
Plants that spread seed by being external hitch-hikers
Photo of LASER light through chalk dust
Pinhole Camera picture of Choco the Cat
Pinhole Camera picture of Mr H
Colour Vision Simulator
A short video on the Water Cycle
An animated explanation of Photosynthesis
The Photosynthesis Rap
What is a Lunar Eclipse and what causes it?
THE SECOND PART - Non-Lesson files

THE THIRD PART - Photos from the lessons
Here are some photographs showing that light (L.A.S.E.R. light in this case)
  • is invisible unless it bounces into your eye from something (dust, in this case)
  • travels in straight lines unless it is refracted (bent) or reflected (bounced)
LASER and dust pic 01.JPG LASER and dust pic 02.jpgLASER and dust pic 03.JPG
Here are some photographs showing that Osmosis will make water move through thin, wet and permeable membranes.
The water moves to where it is a lower concentration (less pure) so it moves towards the inside of the bag that has lots of sugar in the form of golden syrup
Osmosis 9Kea Maya 01.jpg
Osmosis expt before soaking
Osmosis 9Kea Maya 02.jpg
Osmosis expt after soaking

Osmosis before and after Aellerie.jpg
Mr H enjoying the Photosynthesis Rap.PNG
Mr H enjoying the Photosynthesis Rap

THE FOURTH PART - Lesson plans and notes
The lesson plans and notes are available via a code. The code is not very secret.
"9Kea Y13 M02 D05 marked.pptx" means:
9Kea - the lesson plan and notes for this classs
Y13 - this year: 2013
M02 - the second month, i.e. February
D05 - the 5th day of the month, i.e the 5th of February, 2013
marked - this means that I have some handwritten notes or sketches on the slides after the lesson plan.
pptx - this means that the file is a PowerPoint and you will need this software on your computer to open and look at it.

As time permits, I'll add some more of the earlier lesson plans and notes but for now, this gets our web page up and running.

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