The lesson plans and notes are available via a code. The code is not very secret.
"7Px Y13 M02 D05 marked.pptx" means:
7Px - i.e. 7th form (Year 13) Physics
Y13 - this year: 2013
M02 - the second month, i.e. February
D05 - the 5th day of the month, i.e the 5th of February, 2013
marked - this means that I have some handwritten notes or sketches on the slides after the lesson plan.
pptx - this means that the file is a PowerPoint and you will need this software on your computer to open and look at it.
Lessons on the Internals: 3.5-Nuclear Physics and 3.1-Practical Investigation
(These will be reloaded if requested as this is all internal work and it has been assessed already for 2015)
Lessons on Mechanics (3.4)

Lessons on Waves (3.3)

Lessons on Electricity and Electromagnetism (3.6)

T. Haggis Henderson
Thursday the 5th of November 2015 at 1221hrs