Kia Ora, Hello and Welcome to the Whangarei Girls' High School Physics wiki NCEA2 Page

Mr Henderson has left Whangarei Girls' High School and now works at Whangarei Boys' High School.
He has produced another wiki page, this one is not specific to a particular school, but it does contain things for students from Boys' High. If that is the page you are seeking, the address is:
There are two purposes for this page:

Firstly, to provide a handy place for links to useful and/or interesting sites.
Secondly, to provide a place where the lesson plans and lesson notes can be stored and accessed online for those people who are away because they are sick or on trips to places like the UK.

Here is a picture that was drawn by, and emailed from Mikaela, one of my Y9 students from 2013. It is a terrific diagram for explaining the workings of a pinhole camera. Mikaela was even kind enough to revise it so it included the arrowheads on the lines to show the direction that the light is travelling. It is a stunningly elegant piece of work and I am very grateful to her for both her creation of the picture and also for letting me use it on my website. Thank you Mikaela!

Pinhole Camera 2.jpg
Mikaela's excellent (and revised) picture of how a pinhole camera works

Prefix Multiplier Mnemonic – courtesy of Monica Booth. Thank you Monica.

x 10-12
x 10-9
x 10-6
x 10-3
“kakes” (to)
x 103
x 106
x 109
x 1012

THE FIRST PART - Links to games, simulations and older practice questions
Kinetic and Potential Energies
Torques and Moments
The Moving Man (graphs of motion)
Projectile Motion
Forces in 1D - i.e. a straight line
The ramp - how to save your back
Forces and Motion
Forces and Motion on a ramp
NOTE: The songs have been moved to a new section further down this page.
2012 NCEA2 Mechanics Booklet The 2012 Mechanics Marking Schedule
2013 NCEA2 Mechanics Booklet The 2013 Mechanics Marking Schedule
2014 NCEA2 Mechanics Booklet The 2014 Mechanics Marking Schedule

Two source interference of sound
Two source interference of light
Refraction of Light
Photo of LASER light through chalk dust
Pinhole Camera picture of Choco the Cat
Pinhole Camera picture of Mr H
Colour Vision Simulator
How do 3D glasses work? - a youtube clip from two mad passionate Physicists

The 2014 Waves Exam booklet The 2014 Waves Marking Schedule
The 2013 Waves Exam Booklet The 2013 Waves Marking Schedule
The 2012 Waves Exam Booklet The 2012 Wave Marking Schedule

A DC circuit simulator
Electric Fields - what direction?
Electric Fields - What strength and direction

How Rutherford found that atoms had nuclei
Alpha decay: individual and group behaviour
Beta decay: individual and group behaviour
How nuclear fission works
A four minute video on a modern version of Rutherford's experiment

Sixty Symbols - a collection of explanatory videos from some passionate Physicists at the University of Nottingham in the UK
THE SECOND PART - Links that are more serious
The Physics Education Trust (PhET) from the University of Colorado in the USA kindly make available their simulations to everyone.
There are some linked here. Try them out. They are available via the hyperlinks. Click on their descriptions and try them out. I strongly urge you to have a go because it takes the learning from "memorisation" to "understanding", which is a really helpful step.
youtube clip of bombs dropping from a warplane
youtube clip of a flour bomb dropping from a small airplane
NZQA Physics - General Search for standards, old exams, marking schedules and Marker Commentary
How to find older exams, marking schedules and examiner reports for expired standards
Algebra tutorials from the Sal Khan Academy
Physics tutorials from the Sal Khan Academy
Mr Thrasher's Resources - from Takapuna Grammar
Takapuna Grammar's Physics youtube channel
The Physics Lounge - tutorial videos for Y12 Physics
"Physics Tube" tutorial videos
Fendt Physics Applets and simulations
The Physics Classroom website
More Physics Online Applets and Simulations
Physics Apps and Simulations
I have moved this part of the web page to a separate web page. It is called "NCEA2 Px Notes" and you will find it on the menu at the top left hand side of this page. I hope you find the new layout useful.

The Macarena version of "Snell's Law" can be accessed here
A slightly longer (and partly explained) version of the "invisible glass" can be found on youtube here
The lyrics for the Kinematic Rap are on this PowerPoint

and the lyrics for the Projectile Motion song are here:
Eric Idle's Original Universe Song (caution: it contains one slightly rude word at the end)
Eric Idle's New Biological Version of the "Galaxy Song"
A USA Physics Song on Kinematic Motion
A nice little song about the Physics of Motion - a fid code nomination if you walk in singing it.
A mashup of Flanders, Swann, CERN, an electronic piano and a room full of Physicists
A song called Radioactive - (nothing to do with Physics but it sounds pretty neat)
Sir Isaac Newton and a Taylor Swift tune
Newton's Three Laws and a Disco Beat
The world's first Physics Song - by Flanders and Swann in 1964 (They give Scientists a hard time)
Snell's Law - taught with THE MACARENA

THE FIFTH PART - Mr H's youtube tutorials
5a - links to videos

How to find the Spring Constant from some data
How to graph in Excel
Use Excel to get data ready to graph
How to plot a curve, put it in PowerPoint and then draw on it
How to linearise a curved graph using Excel
How to get the final equation from the linearised graph

Videos for 2.4 - Mechanics
How to find the two components of a vector
Range of a projectile - Captain Marvelo
The Kinematic Rap
Intro to Vectors
Adding Vectors
Vector Subtraction
How to find the maximum height for a projectile
How to convert speeds in m/s into speeds in km/hr
Two ways to convert speeds from units of km/hr to units of metres/second

Videos for 2.3 - Waves
A video explaining Relative Refractive Index using Mr Xi's PowerPoint
Four example questions about relative refractive index
A youtube clip showing a transverse slinky wave (not made by Mr H)
A youtube clip showing a longitudinal wave on a slinky
A short video explaining wave period, wave frequency an wave velocity. (The sound was poor for the first two minutes - sorry)
A clip to show how to use a ray diagram to find the location and nature of an image found in a convex mirror
How to find the location and nature of an image in a convex mirror USING THE DES CARTES formula
7min clip showing how to do qu 2 on P58 of the green workbook (a tough question)
A little clip showing how to do a tricky question from BBK NCEA2 Physics

5b - PowerPoints for videos

THE SIXTH PART - Handy files - non lesson
The kind souls at the Physics Department at Takapuna Grammar (especially Mr Dave Thrasher, who used to teach at WGHS) have shared a hugely handy pair of booklets and they have given us permission to post them on the web. They are written for 2012 but they will be really useful for 2013 too because there are no real changes to the assessed standards between 2012 and 2013. In short, the only thing that will be wrong is the date. Feel free to print all or part of it off and use the hints and the practise questions. The first file contains lots of questions and notes. The second file contains the answers - so you can mark your work.
These are some handy booklets from a colleague at Takapuna Grammar School

Thank you to Mr Dave Thrasher from Takapuna Grammar for sharing these two files (the one above and the one below)
Incidentally, Mr Thrasher used to teach in our Physics lab back in the day. Thank you Dave. We hope life in the big smoke is treating you well and kindly.

This is an edited-back version of the standard - with the key parts emphasised
This is Mr Xi's assignment to help with Physics Number Skills

This is an edited-back version of the Mechanics standard - with the key parts emphasised

THE SEVENTH PART - An interesting link
This is a link to a 6 minute video that shows a beautiful mathematical trick to find the fifth root of tough numbers

I hope you find this page useful. Please send me an email and let me know if you liked it, disliked it or would like to see some changes and/or additions and/or deletions. I value your thoughts.

Cheers and thanks

Haggis Henderson
Physics and Science Teacher
Whangarei Girls' High School
Saturday the 13th of August 2016 at 1223 hrs