Kia Ora, Hello and Welcome to the Whangarei Girls' High School Physics wiki - NCEA1 Science Page
Although I am not teaching Year 11 this year, I will still maintain this page and you are welcome to suggest to me things that I should include or provide links to. I'd welcome your suggestions.

There are two purposes for this page:
Firstly, to provide a handy place for links to useful and/or interesting sites.
Secondly, to provide a place where the lesson plans and lesson notes can be stored and accessed online. I posted my lesson content back in 2012 and I am happy to provide a venue for lesson content from other teachers plus useful material suggested or provided by students.

The Physics Education Trust (PhET) from the University of Colorado in the USA kindly make available their simulations to everyone.
There are some linked here. Try them out. They are available via the hyperlinks. I strongly urge you to have a go because it takes the learning from "memorisation" to "understanding", which is a really helpful step.
Kinetic and Potential Energies
The Moving Man: Graphs of Distance, Velocity and Acceleration
Forces in 1Dimension
Electrostatics and balloons
Circuit maker

A game for practising the balancing of chemical equations

BIOLOGY LINKS AS90949 Internal
Video on Osteoporosis
Video on Chicken Wing Dissection
Video tutorial on the structure and function of the skeleton
Video on arthritis (This is pretty good except for the promotion at the end "Buy my book!")
Cow Femur dissection (This has an embedded video at the end showing a computer animation of an operation to replace the ball joint in a human femur. It is not too graphic as it is a simulation.)

BIOLOGY LINKS AS90948 External on Genetics
Video on DNA replication (copying)
Video on Mitosis (cell copying)
Mini Mitosis Movie and Large Animation
Animation of Meiosis - how gametes (sex cells) are made

This part gives access to files that are made and/or used here at school but are not available via internet links.
This first file is a PowerPoint giving the objectives of the work done for the Biology 1.10 AS90949. It is a handy check-list. Run through it and see if there are gaps in your knowledge.

BIOLOGY AS90949 Internal

BIOLOGY AS90948 External

PHYSICS Electricity

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